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Apr 30, 2021

We spoke to Isreali artist Naor Kapulnik about the role of Art and culture in Israel/Palestine. The emerging movement against Netanyahu and the Isreali state and how artists are starting to get organised.


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Apr 17, 2021

We talk to Tatiana Minchoni about the political art movements in the periphery of San Pablo,  Brazil. We focus on the Sarau poetry movement there, the art  festivals that  build from below and what all this means for the struggle against capitalism.


Sarau do Binho -



Apr 3, 2021

We speak to up and coming script writer Alison Raynor from New Zealand. We look into her inspirations and process of creation in making films and how that streams from her experiences and  other artistic work in Sculpture and design. Up in the space-station commentary we explore how collaboration in art is just humanity...