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Dec 30, 2021

We interviewed Bruno Coffineau, a choir leader, composer and musician from France about the choir Le Cri du Choeur. We spoke about the power of common song and the message of internationalism and social change it creates.

Dec 28, 2021

We spoke to Annie Levin, a Political-cultural  journalist and a coordinator for the Sing in Solidarity choir from New York who performed for the Solidarity Park online festival 2021. We spoke about the evolution of song, the growth of DSA  and the power of singing in building the movement.


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Dec 27, 2021

We talked to artist Ben Gallup about how he harnesses his free spirit in his art, how that works with his inspiration for social change and why he works with the Solidarity Park project


Ben Gallup – Inside Out (

Dec 23, 2021

We spoke to Calum Baird from Scotland on his art as a singer song writer and then go into some detail on the struggle of artists and the realities of the art economy, concluding on the inspiration of the international brigades and what this memory means today.


Dec 22, 2021

We spoke to Judith Berlowitz about her forthcoming novel, her art and outlook on the historical memory of the Spanish civil war in general but of women especially. The book is a rich layering of historical facts  and contemporary relevant issues told through the fascinating character of Klara, a German jewish woman who...